Massage Therapy

Lou Ann has been a licensed massage therapist since 1982 after 1200 hours of training.

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Fees: $100
Pre-pay four sessions: $300

Hot Rocks Massage:

If you have never experienced a massage using hot rocks, you owe it to yourself. Volcanic, basalt rocks are heated to just the right temperature. The area is fully massaged with oil and then "gone over" with the hot rocks. The heat from the rocks penetrates deep into the muscles and provides that extra level of relaxation that only heat can do. This service is only $20.00 more than a regular massage!

Fees: $120

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I provide "true" aromatherapy by choosing only the highest quality essential oils from around the world. What makes my service unique, is the way I choose the essential oils that will provide the most therapeutic treatment for you for that visit. I use my 19 years of training in muscle monitoring to let your body decide which oil combination is your perfect blend. Then I custom blend those essential oils into a high quality carrier oil which I use to do your full-body therapeutic massage. You even get to take home the remaining oil to use later! This service is 75 minutes.

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Fees: $120 per session


Acutouch combines traditional massage techniques with the key principles which make acupuncture effective. More Information

Fees: $50 per session
Pre-pay four sessions: $150

Applied Physiology

Applied Physiology utilizes a variety of treatment protocols based on chasing the cause down the rabbit hole. Because of this approach it is billed by the amount of time spent. More Information

Fees: $50 per half-hour
Pre-pay four sessions: $150


BEST identifies and neutralizes interference patterns which become embedded in the autonomic nervous system. When a negative conscious thought in linked to a strong emotion, it is automatically stored in the subconscious. The body responds using its survival fight or flight physiology. Those patterns can keep the body on constant alert to the point of exhaustion. BEST allows the body to update these patterns so it has the ability to respond appropriately and consciously to current need, rather than inappropriate past conditioning.

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Fees: $45 per session (time varies)
Block of four sessions: $135

Classes & Lectures

Lou Ann is available to come to your office (Phoenix and surrounding cities or San Diego and cities north to Oceanside) and do a free demonstration of her most effective work. (Approximately 15-20 minutes)

Her most popular class is "Release and Reboot". It utilizes the principles and techniques of B.E.S.T. with the most up to date science about how thoughts cause interference to our perfect health. Lou Ann will teach and guide the participants through identification and nuetralization of old destructive patterns and leave them with a simple but very effective movement pattern they can do at home. This is a 3 hour class. Cost is dependent on class size.

Lou Ann can customize a class or a lecture to address your needs. She is also available to do personal (individual) bodywork onsite.


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