What makes acutouch different than the hundreds of other variations of bodywork available today? It combines traditional massage techniques such as rubbing, kneading, and percussion with the key principles which make acupuncture effective. These key principles have been blended and enhanced by a very dedicated researcher and teacher, Richard Utt. He calls it Applied Physiology. It has gained worldwide recognition as an extremely effective form of specialized bodywork for over 25 years. (See: What is Applied Physiology?) In acutouch, no needles are used, only massage techniques, but in a pattern which balances all 14 of the main meridians which comprise the traditional acupuncture system.

The client remains fully clothed and no oil is used. The client experiences the control of choosing what "irritation" or physical problem they want to work on for the session, and they get to choose the pattern of the acupuncture flow, providing the perfect balance. Muscle monitoring, which is elementary in the Applied Physiology system, is used to confirm the priority of the choice.

Lou Ann Kane received her initial training in Applied Physiology in 1989. Since then she has taken continuing education training, earning her certificate as a stress observation specialist in 1993, and completing the most recently developed AP techniques, the SALT bath work in 2003.

During an acutouch treatment, Lou Ann acts as a skilled, intuitive facilitator with over 30 years of experience in bodywork. The client is able to gently, but dynamically direct his or her own healing.

We have documented physical and emotional results. The possibilities are endless. There are no guarantees, however there is one feedback received 100% of the time: after this treatment you will feel deep relaxation.

The price for an acutouch treatment is $35

Sincerely, Lou Ann Kane
Master Therapist

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